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Help, accidentally sold my Ring of Wizardry(!)

sheiksheik Member Posts: 7
Ok, I'm an idiot, but sometime last night I accidentally sold my Ring of Wizardry, possibly in Beregost but I can't even remember. I'm still only level one and this is going to annoy me every time I level up, as I'll know I should have twice as many level one spells.
My previous save with the ring is at least three hours of game time from where I am now, and I would find it zero fun to have to replay that much game.
Is there any way of cheating via iFunBox to get it back?!

This is why you shouldn't play late at night :).




  • sheiksheik Member Posts: 7
    No replies? :(.

    If the situation is that you simply can't edit / hack game saves on iPad that's fair enough, I'd just like to know.



  • BJMJDBJMJD Member Posts: 192
    I don't test myself, but you can try to get it using shadow keeper.

    You can also to redeem it to whom you sell it.

  • forbjokforbjok Member Posts: 31
    Unless you can find it and buy it back, I can only think of a few possible "solutions" outside of using savegame editing or a console (if that is even possible on the iPad version).

    I haven't tried it myself on EE, but assuming the export character functionality still exists in the tablet version, you could export your character with any stats/items/exp gained and start a new game using the same character. That would lose the progress, however.

    Alternately, you could start a new game with a character and get the Ring of Wizardry, then export that character. In order to transfer it to your other game, you would have to copy your single-player savegame into the multiplayer save folder, load it up in multiplayer and import your new character with the ring as a second character in your party. Once in-game, just move the ring to your main character, remove the second imported character and save the game again. Then you could move the new savegame back to the single-player folder. Not the most convenient way to do it, but at least it doesn't require editing savegames.

  • sheiksheik Member Posts: 7
    I like your thinking forbjok, thanks :D.
    Dumb question, but can I start a new game and save it without losing my current game saves? I assume I can but would hate to try and reload and have all my original saves deleted!

  • famousringofamousringo Member Posts: 28
    Sure you can. Just save it in a new file and make sure you don't use the quicksave button or slot.

    Also, there is another ring of wizardry in the game. Somewhere in Baldur's Gate I think, so relatively late.

  • BJMJDBJMJD Member Posts: 192
    Yes you can begin a new game, if your main save is not the auto-save(there is a auto-save at the beginning of candleKeep)

  • sheiksheik Member Posts: 7
    Cheers! I'm going to go looking for the 3 or 4 places I've sold gems at to see what extortionate markup the seller has added to my ring, and failing that I will try forbjok's "new game" hack :).

    Still can't believe I sold it. I was in need of gold so was just grabbing anything that looked shiny from my inventory and clicking "sell" like a fool...

  • sheiksheik Member Posts: 7
    I just found my ring!
    I had it all along(!), I'd put it into Neera's gembag to sell along with the rest of my stash but never actually sold it.

    DOH! How embarrassing! ;)

    Now I know how Gollum feels when he finally gets his ring back. Hopefully my character will last a bit longer than he did though :D.

    The lesson learned is not to play until 3am and only stop when your iPad runs out of power.
    Actually, this does suggest a nice feature request for BG3 - characters should complain bitterly if you take a decent item off them if they had it equipped :).

  • frojasfrojas Member Posts: 9
    sheik said:

    No replies? :(.

    If the situation is that you simply can't edit / hack game saves on iPad that's fair enough, I'd just like to know.



    You can edit iPad saved games. But it does require access to a PC. Or knowledge of how to use Wine to run PC apps on the mac:

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Just to make a quick post of the comment linked above:

    In essence, the iPad version of the game does NOT have much editing capability, there is no developer console, there is no hacking or editing of saved games.

    That said, you CAN move saved games between the PC and iPad versions of the game, meaning that anything that can be done on the PC version of the game to hack CAN be transferred back to the iPad in a hacked state to continue play.

    The process is basically:

    Using something like iFunBox move the saved game files from the iPad to the PC.
    Open the saved game on the PC and hack away (using the developer console or any other character editing device).
    Save the game on the PC after hacking the content.
    Transfer the saved game BACK to the iPad and load it up.

    Whatever changes you made SHOULD be there. Note this only works on things that are stored in the saved game file...stuff like custom portraits, sounds, etc. are not included with this method...that's a different process that is documented other places on this forum (See the Known Issues/Bugs thread at the top for links to some of the major knowledge base posts).


  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    hint: you may sell important stuff during the game, it happens sometimes. To avoid problems always sell items in the same two or three shops so you could eventually easily buy back what you sold.

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