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Temporarily losing Familiar?

sheiksheik Member Posts: 7
Has anybody else temporarily lost their familiar?
I have a pseudo dragon and when I reloaded one game I realised shortly afterwards he was nowhere to be found. I was a bit panicked thinking he'd died without me realising. When I did group move his marker didn't appear either.
I wandered around the whole (wilderness) map and eventually got an auto pause saying "pseudo dragon: target lost" but I still couldn't find him. I then reloaded and he was back again.

So, I'm not saying this is a bug as such, but has this ever happened to you? And if so, is there a good way of locating the missing beastie on the map?

On a related note, how is my dragon healing himself? The only way I can tell if he is injured is to use the map reveal icon, but shortly after he gets hurt he seems to be fully recovered. It would be really nice if familiars had their own information screen...




  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Haven't heard of this one yet @shiek. When you say "wandered around the whole (wilderness) map" do you mean "map" as in the entire outdoor zones areas (all of the zones outside of BG and other towns) or just the single map you were in?

    Really what I'm asking is, when you saw this issue, did you "zone in" to the next zone? Generally this will fix any 'missing' party members...unless when you try to zone to another area you get the "Party must be grouped together" message, meaning that one member of your party is off doing something else.

    The "target lost" message indicates that your familiar was chasing down a bad guy / in the middle of combat. Don't have much more information than that on that one other than to say this is just a "wait for it" thing to happen...eventually your characters will drop combat.

    Did you try "resting" to see if that would bring your familiar back?


  • sheiksheik Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply, I only wandered round one map zone without leaving.
    It seemed to me that the familiar may have managed to wander out of the zone on his own, which would be a bug, or just hidden so well in the zone that I couldn't find him.
    But, when I selected the formation icon his marker didn't appear, which would make me think something was wrong.
    So, there was no message saying he died, there was one saying he'd lost his target and reloading fixed it.
    It's never happened since, although I do sometimes notice he won't follow my group when I move as a formation. If I manually make him catch up he falls in line though.

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