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Grand dukes dead, Sarevok teleporting out

ErinneErinne Member Posts: 151
edited November 2013 in Fixed
Current behaviour: When Sarevok goes hostile after you kill the doppelgangers in the Ducal Palace, there is a chance that he will kill the remaining duke(s) and then teleport out, instead of Winski killing you as happens when the dukes are killed by doppelgangers. This renders the game unwinnable, since without the duke teleporting you to Thieves' Guild, the stairs to the maze are inaccessible.

Expected behaviour: Either you should always be killed when the dukes die before teleporting you, or the Thieves' Guild maze should become accessible when Sarevok teleports away from the palace.

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  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    Added this to the tracker.

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Sarevok doesn't have the ability to teleport himself: the idea is that he is teleported away by Winski. It therefore seems that this bug must be a flaw in the Winski script: he should kill the party if both Dukes are dead (regardless of who killed them), but if either (or both) of the Dukes are still alive and Sarevok is badly hurt then he should teleport Sarevok and himself (and incidentally kill any remaining dopplegangers to make sure that they can't kill the Dukes after Sarevok has gone, although that'd arise only if Sarevok was already badly hurt through collateral damage before the fight with the doppelgangers was over), and he should take no action unless and until one or other of the former conditions arises.

  • toshirotoshiro Member Posts: 113
    Sounds like beamdog didn't even bother with fixing it, since under bioware the same thing happened. The only way to insure it doesn't happen to do 2 things get 5 spawns to help you out and have all your companions ai turned off and do uber micromanaging of them, and if that doesn't help turn difficulty as low as it goes and hope you manage to save them. Both bioware and it seems beamdog made it harder than they should have.

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