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Genuinely Don't Know If I did Something Or... Thief Can't Thieve

JakeratboyJakeratboy Member Posts: 8
edited February 2013 in Windows PC (Archive)
All the sudden, for, I'm assuming, no reason, my thief, Coran, can no longer thieve? His Unlock and Hide In Shadows skills are blacked out, and I really don't know what I did. If I did anything.
There is no signs of any sort of curse on him, and it only seems to have started when I opened the game today. But I'm really not sure what could have caused it.
If it's something in-game then great, I'll heal him, I'll go sleep at an inn, whatever. But I've never seen this, and it seems really weird.
What could have caused this?
Thank you for any help you can give.


  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    edited February 2013
    If he's wearing chain mail (non-elven), splint mail, or plate mail, his thieving skills will be disabled because pure thieves can't wear more than studded leather.
  • JakeratboyJakeratboy Member Posts: 8
    Oh man. That's what it was. Jalily, thank you.
    If there's a -12 Dunce Cap, I'm wearing it. I'm the failure.
    Really, thank you. Thank you for answering so quickly.
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