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Can someone please point me to a safe place to get a no CD patch for BG2:ToB? I just installed the game on my laptop and I don't want to have to bring the disc to play when I'm out of town. Thanks.


  • tomty89tomty89 Member Posts: 47
    What do you mean by a safe place?

    Maybe you should setup a virtual drive, which is the most perfect solution IMHO, though a little bit "bulky": (The last download option should be fine.)

    Or if you don't mind to pay 10 bucks for a digital (legal) DRM-free copy, you may go to or GamersGate to get one.
  • keltarkingkeltarking Member Posts: 53
    Well, in this day and age a 700-800mb ISO doesn't take a lot of space on a 1tb drive.. lol I guess the virtual drive would be the most versatile choice. Thanks, I'll look into that.
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