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Announcement: ACMPlayer 2.0 for OS X

Greetings! I'm pleased to announce that my open-source player for Baldur's Gate music files is now Ogg Vorbis capable and available for general consumption. It can play single .acm files (music snippets), .mus playlist files (playlists of snippets that make a whole song), .wav character soundset files, and even open up BIFF (.bif) archives so you can enjoy the sound effects and ambient sounds.

Oh, and you can export to AIFF if you want to populate iTunes with BG:EE-ey goodness (who wouldn't?).

The source code is up on GitHub at
Binary for 10.5 and later at

-- MH

P.S. A couple of my personal recommendations:
Baldur's Gate - Enhanced (my favorite battle music)
Baldur's Gate - Enhanced (Adoy's Enclave - gorgeous!)
(if you have it) BG2 SoA/CD3/Data/AREA090A.BIF resource AM0901 (Temple of Helm ambient)



  • MosesHallMosesHall Member Posts: 28
    Oh, I should elaborate on my recommendations. The full path is /Applications/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition/Game Data/00777/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced etc., etc. Whew! The Finder almost got tired trudging down a path that long ;-)

    I think this is why you want to get your AIFFs and stick 'em in iTunes if you enjoy the BG:EE music as much as I do.

  • GoddardGoddard Member Posts: 134
    Looks cool, i'll check it out.

  • MosesHallMosesHall Member Posts: 28
    @Goddard: as always, bug reports and suggestions are warmly welcomed. This (Core Audio and stuff) is complicated, yes? I hope you enjoy some offline enjoyment of BG music, like I do. It is totally cool stuff. I like to keep the music in a loop at work. If it is battle music, one needs work fast and react quickly! But if it is Temple of Helm, then a person can chill out and be creative.

  • blipmusicblipmusic Member Posts: 36
    This, together with Audio Overload, completes me. Seems ACMPlayer treats the BGEE package/app itself as a directory as well, which is handy (don't know whether this is by design or a OS X feature but it's nice not to have to copy the audio files manually before playing them). Thank you!

  • MosesHallMosesHall Member Posts: 28
    @blipmusic: the "nav into app package" was by design; I figured since they were going the App Store route they would possibly/probably embed the music. Needless to say, that's not default behavior in open/save dialogues so I had to tweak it a bit. Anyway, thanks for the high praise, and I hope you have as much fun listening with ACMPlayer as I am!

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