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Dwarvenguard weapon skills bug (?)

KougaKouga Member Posts: 83
edited March 2013 in Not An Issue
So I was looking over the new classes the other day. It sais the Dwarvenguard can only have +2 in any weapon skill other than axes and war hammers whereas they can have +4. However when continueing the character creation and being able to distribute 4 weapon skill points I could only put a maximum of 2 in both war hammers and axes when I tried to put 4 individually.

Current behaviour: Cannot put 4 weapon skill points in axes or war hammers as Dwarvenguard

Expected behaviour: I should be able to.

Also an idea besides that: Currently if you look at the Fighter kits with any race that isn't a dwarf, the Dwarvenguard won't even appear. Maybe it's an idea to make it appear for every race, but have it grayed out if the race you pick isn't a dwarf?



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