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Any chance of Text to Speech?

I'm sure some people will hate it and not turn it on, but if it's easy to add, doing text to speech as an option for some the text that's not voiced would be very helpful to me, especially on a 7 inch tablet.

Thanks for considering it,



  • smartroadsmartroad Member Posts: 46
    Actually I like that idea. I often skipped conversations as they had loads of text that, tbh, I couldn't be bothered to read. Having the option to get them narrated is great. Makes more sense these days given the more natural sounding computer voices that are available.

    Personally I would say that BGE doesn't need a TTS engine built in, just use the one on the machine that it is played on. Although a built in one would allow for different voices for different characters (male/female for example)

  • RalphTrickeyRalphTrickey Member Posts: 8
    I was thinking of just using the existing API for text to speech when a paragraph is opened. It looks like just calling 'speak (text)' to start and 'stop' to stop. Lots of other stuff you can do like setting the speed, special pronunciation for names, etc., but you don't need these for a simple engine as far as I can see. I listen to a lot of books in the car and am happy with it. You can buy more voices and engines in the Android store if you don't like the default one.

    I wasn't thinking of different voices, that's a cool idea, but you'd have to know who was speaking and have something set up to set which voices go with different characters. I'm not sure it's worth it, but an interesting idea.

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