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Looking for information from OSX & Windows BG:EE owners

I'm gathering some information regarding BG:EE on MACs, as I do not own one.

I have a couple questions about MAC controls:

1) How does BGEE work on MAC with the single button or two button mouse? For single mouse, you hold to "right click", correct? If you have a two button mouse on MAC, does the right click work as it would on Windows? Does the mouse wheel on 2 button mice zoom in/out, as on Windows?

2) We know about the iOS touch gestures, but do gestures works on MAC track pad for BGEE?

3) Are there any Windows keyboard/mouse controls that do not work on the MAC version?

Do you have any other comments or concerns over the controls of BGEE on MAC?


  • secretmantrasecretmantra Member Posts: 259
    edited March 2013
    On Mac:
    1) I use a 2-button mouse--works the exact same way as traditional BG on Windows--except it now has the mouse wheel zoom feature (which is nice, btw).
    2) Don't know, haven't tried them.
    3) Haven't run across any non-working / malfunctioning controls yet.

    Works well, no issues so far. My only gripe is with the lack of mouse-wheel scrolling on some of the interface elements (for example, when picking a small portrait for a charname). I don't know if this same issue occurs in the Windows version.

  • NifftNifft Member Posts: 1,065
    I use a touchpad on OS/X 10.6.

    The two-finger click, then hold, then rotate allows me to maneuver my party, but it's sometimes frustrating because the game sometimes gets confused about whether I'm trying to rotate my party, use the mouse-wheel to zoom, or use pinching to zoom, since all 3 of those things use the two-finger drag motion.

    Two-finger dragging somehow maps to the mouse wheel, and I can't turn that off. In other apps (like Preview or Firefox), two-finger dragging allows me to pan around, but that doesn't work in BGEE.

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