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Saved Game to Download?

pokeyspoonpokeyspoon Member Posts: 1
edited March 2013 in Windows PC (Archive)
I am having an absolute nightmare! My hard drive failed last week, a company are working on it trying to save what they can, but I've just been told it's unlikely that I'll get much, if anything, back.

Fortunately I backed up the whole drive a few months ago, so my family photos are all safe, but I have lost my BGEE saves (bangs head against wall!) I had just completed Durlag's Tower and entered Baldur's Gate, so I am pretty gutted! Is there anywhere I can download a saved game that is from around that part of the game? I know I could start again, but I spent ages doing all of the quests and getting lots of XP, so to have to start again now would be frustrating beyond belief!

I appreciate any help...


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