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Large custom Portrait Pack

zadkielmodelerzadkielmodeler Member Posts: 20
edited March 2013 in Fan Creations
Hi everyone. This is my first actual contribution to the Baldur's Gate community I hope you like it.

There were a bunch of wonderful images on this thread. I took a lot of them and turned them into custom BG Portraits.

All in total there are about 145 Portraits. Almost the same number of male as female( about 70 or so for each). There is even a female Sarevok-looking lady in there =)

What you need to do is follow the first 2 steps on this thread.

Then put the portraits in the folder.

When you click the Custom button when making your character, you have to select the medium portrait version on the side and the small portrait version on the bottom.

I strongly recommend that you look through the portraits first in your file system because browsing in the custom portrait menu in BG kind of sucks, but anyway I hope you enjoy =)

If need something that can open a .rar file you can get it here.

I have decide to keep updating this every now and then just come back.
I am putting my working copy on google drive here:

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