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Fitted Pics for Baldur's Gate Fans

Foggy said:

Ok, by trial and error, you WILL learn :)) Let's do this step by step:
- Make 3 copies of each picture you want to use for the 3 BG sizes (210x330 is not mandatory)
- open the pics with Picture Manager, crop to L 210X330 M 169 x 266 S 54X84
- save and exit Picture Manager, now re-open the portraits with MS Paint
- Go to save as BMP -even if the file extension is already bmp (like your portraits which have the wrong format)- and save the portrait in whatever directory you choose
- You'll notice that the size of the 3 portraits are now L=203Kb M=132Kb S=13.5Kb, now you have the right 24bit bmp format of BGEE portraits
- Put the portraits in Documents > Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition > Portraits folder
- Open BGEE, you have your portraits showing under Customize in both M and S size
- If there is still a problem somewhere just post the original files, I'll make sure you have your portraits.
- If you have trouble understanding my English, please excuse me, There are several guides to customizing BG portraits, some in this very forum, written in better English than mine.

Since Foggy helped me so much in finally understanding how to fix portraits, I finally am able to bring some cool alternative portraits fixed for Baldur's Gate. I will be updating this thread occasionally with new photos as I find more I consider BG worthy. Note: None of these photos are of my own creation, just pictures I found on the next and adjusted for Baldur's Gate. Hopefully these help bring some flare to the characters as you play through one of the greatest game of all time.

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