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(BG1) Game crashes when paperdoll-equipping unsupported item type

BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
edited August 2012 in Fixed
This thread derives from @Avenger_teambg's former public Bugs thread which read:

Item types could be externalized (this would be a feature request of its own merit), but until that, they shouldn't at least crash.

Problem: when you auto equip (drop the item on the paper doll) an item with unsupported item type, there will be a crash.

(Minimal) Solution: proper bounds check (or just remove the assertion, i forgot which), so it won't break the game.

(Preferred) Solution: externalize the item type/inventory slot relation with a simple 2da (further info on what I mean:;a=blob;f=gemrb/docs/en/Tables/itemtype.txt;h=d13e75a6bd1429a9acc51eaa4a4a074291ee6f50;hb=HEAD)

And an example:;a=blob;f=gemrb/override/bg2/itemtype.2da;h=21114ce9cd166898960de7db8484934956076ad2;hb=HEAD

Note, that inventory slots got a separate descriptor, but unhardcoding THAT is not so important.

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