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[Bug] Active Store Item Turns Gray When Being Purchased

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,556
edited March 2013 in Not An Issue
When you select an item in a store, a gold box appears around it and the picture is in color. This means you can afford the selected item, and can hit the "Buy" button to purchase it. Other items that are also able to be afforded show in color as well, but lack the gold box because they are not selected. Items that are too expensive are grayed out. The first picture shown below is a good example of this.

There seems to be a problem though when selecting an item (or items) that are expensive enough to then preclude you from buying anything else. It grays *all* items out instead of just the ones not able to be purchased. Even the items you have selected to buy are now grayed. Picture two below shows this. Notice how the healing potion and antidote are selected, and are able to be bought, but all pictures are grayed out.

Only gray out those items which cannot be purchased, not those that are selected and purchasable.




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