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3.5 Far from canon - Heavy roleplay game.

xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
edited April 2013 in Role Playing
EDIT: For now, the game is full. No new applicants will be considered at this moment, but that might change in the future.

Anyone interested in viewing the game, can follow this link - but please refrain from commenting there without permission from me (which you could ask for in this thread.)

First off, this is going to be loosely based off a book I am writing, so some details might be a little hazy or incomplete, and discretion is a must. I do not want any theft of my ideas as I wish to be am author - however I doubt this should be a problem (90% of what will be included in the story will be built around a secondary, less important section of my story - as much as I would love to share the whole thing, it is far from complete. The section I will be using will be mostly created from scratch in-game, using notes I have made before time. This means less combat and loot, but heavy RP elements.)

3.5 rules. Pretty much all content from 3.5 is allowed, and most supplements and custom stuff should be fine - run it by me, I will let you know how it will fit into the story. No alignment restrictions, but keep in mind I will not tolerate bad RP - if you are evil and team with a bunch of goody two shoes, you should still RP evil - you will just need to be a lot more careful about how you do it.

This will be played in Play by post format on RPGCrossing.

Backstory is semi important - everyone will be somewhat naive in-game, due to certain happpenings, however you can choose to play any type of character you want.

Setting: Your characters have been born in a golden age - adventurers are rarely needed, and magic is at a pinnacle of perfection. Almost everything you know has run off magic since you were born, and death and diseases are rare. Life outside the large cities is somewhat more hazardous, but an elite gaurd of swordsmen fitted with fantastic magical artifacts keep anything nasty at bay.

Your lives have been relatively sheltered as a result - evil people are somewhat rare as greed is folly and power is not overly sought after (for good reason, nearly everything you could ever want has been given to you by the powers that be - the royal family is most generous.)

The cities are all somewhat encouraging to sloth and laziness, however there is always enough to do for those with the desire to. Work in general thrives, from forgework to street cleaning, almost any profession you could imagine.

~~Most recently there have been rumors of some of the more reclusive mages making huge discoveries in magic, which leads the citizens to rejoice (though they have no idea why), and several large posters have gone up in the city recruiting help in "magical research" - a task that would pay handsomely. Sadly, the call has gone so far unheeded - the people want for nothing, and with little lust for adventure, they can not rationalize such a risky decision. On the other side of the law, the few ragtag lowlifes have been hearing whispers of fantastic riches if these experiments were to fail.~~

Extra info (updated as needed - most questions of importance will be repeated here with relevant info).
Stats will be "standard roll" 3d6 rolled 6 times. Feel free to re-roll abysmal scores, power-playing wont help you much, and we will be using the honor system - you could invent scores if you wanted, as long as they are believable - I prefer honesty though.

Character sheets (if memory serves) should be built into RPGcrossing, so all your details should go there. Before doing any rolling I advise you submit your characters backstory and class details, and thier general mentality - these are things I consider very important.

As of right now the party will be consisting of approx 3-5 players. Quality of characters may influence these numbers. Spectators are welcome, but PbP is notoriously slow, dont expect much activity. I would appreciate a post per day per player, but the maximum time without posting will be 1 week - I have already concocted ways for characters to mysteriously die or vanish, so if you will need a leave of absence, contact me, dont just dissapear. Unforseen circumstances will allow for characters to be restored, I am very fair.

Feel free to ask any questions, applications can be filled in below.

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  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    Calkiness "Cali" Greenspan
    Halfling Bard

    23 years old Cali spent most of her short life (no pun intended) in a small village far from any real city, and to her mind far from any excitement. She spent her youth reading books of fantasy and magic. She became obsessed with the idea of becoming an adventuring hero, and when a group of actors and musicians passed through her town she left with them, to seek out her true place in the world.
    She travelled with this group for a number of years, learning to sing, act and play various instruments. She also picked up a few magical skills as well as some slight of hand. The latter getting her in a bit of trouble while traveling through one of the larger cities has caused her to be separated from her group. This "misunderstanding" has done little to curb her cheery disposition however, and she is eager to set off on her own.

  • xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
    Very nice and interesting character considering the setting - it will be interesting to see how it develops. A quick word of warning - I will probably use that act of sleight of hand event to coerce you to stick around a little longer, to meet the rest of the party, I hope you wont mind that haha.

    I am going to assume you will be playing her as chaotic good/neutral? Either is fine, but I want to be clear who the evil or underhanded characters are ahead of time for sanity's sake.

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    Yes I had thought chaotic good, sorry forgot to mention it.

    As far as the slight of hand thing goes, I'm interested to see where you take it. :)

  • xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
    Well not to spoil anything, but I have been pretty transparent with my intentions, an observant person would probably be expecting it - unless I am sneakier than I think (which I am sure I am not!)

    But don't worry, it will be a completely legitimate RP reason to meet the party if all goes sour, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    We have a maybe btw, along with your own character, if we get 1-3 more in the next day or two we can already get things moving.

  • xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
    Well, I am not seeing a lot of active interest coming foward, so I will ask opinions (@Delvarian and our lurker) - should I advertise on RPGCrossing to fill numbers? I have no problem playing the waiting game, but do we gamble on it being a short wait, or possibly months long? (You never know - perhaps needing to play on RPGCrossing is a turn off for people who would otherwise be interested - getting players fro mthere already circumvents this issue.)

    So, thoughts? I can't gaurantee quality on RPGCrossing, they tend to powerplay a whole lot there.

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    I've never played there so can't really say for sure, but I'd be ok giving it another day or so on here before we start.
    Might also be a good idea to post a topic on general forum here that you are starting a game as it gets way more traffic.

  • Darth_SkippyDarth_Skippy Member Posts: 37
    Simon Black.
    Human Sorcerer.
    Chaotic Neutral
    21 years old.

    Simon was born into a wealthy family, and can usually be found trying to (unsuccessfully) drag his older brother Damon out of the local pub. Simon's father is in ill health, being well into his 60s. Neither Damon or Simon are in line to inherit. their eldest brother thinks that the two of them are useless, as Simon mostly reads "frivolous little books of poetry" and Damon is a drunkard on a good day. Simon does not know that Damon has managed to get into some rather serious trouble with a shady group of people...

    Simon recently discovered that he could float a book across the library to himself, sense magical auras, chill a drink, and create a ball of light to read by. he also discovered (quite by accident) that he could magically seal a door or window. He decided to try and create a rainbow, and quite by accident sprayed his brother Damon in the face with a colorful burst of energy!

    that work for you? and can I not be "the Lurker" I have a name, you know.

  • Darth_SkippyDarth_Skippy Member Posts: 37
    hmm, should say his older *twin* brother....

    also, Simon is a good friend. He is able to talk his way out of most confrontations, but a bit of a coward when it comes to physical violence.

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    edited April 2013
    Hi Darth!

    Cali and Simon are going to have lots of fun together.

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    @xenavire I wanna play, too! I don't know anything about RPGcrossing, though. I'll look at it when I'm home (can't go to gaming sites at work, with reason)

  • xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
    edited April 2013
    Good to have you onboard @Darth_Skippy ! Mind if I interject with two small things? Simon probably has realised he is magical, and could easily find books on it, or any number of mages etc - however naturally occuring magic IS a lot rarer. That shouldnt really change anything, except he would quickly learn the common names for the magics he CAN use.

    As for the fathers illness, I assume it is age related? There is not much that isn't curable with magic in this world, and no-one is left to suffer, but they cant reverse the aging process (so nothing would change, it is just something I would like to know - might open up unique RP chances.

    And I wasn't sure if you wanted to commit to this publicly or not - so I thought rather than "call you out" it was safer to call you a lurker for the time being, didnt mean to offend haha.

    @reedmilfam just write something up when you have the time - RPGCrossing is just a dedicated Play by post forum (largely DnD based) that has it's own character sheet system that is stored on the site, making it very easy to use, so it shouldn't be that hard to learn how to use.

    Whoever has thier accounts made can always post thier account names here so I can get the game thread open - They are usually pretty fast with it, but I could use a little time to get ready.

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  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    I have an account, same name as here, I haven't figured out how to make a character sheet yet though.

  • xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
    Character sheet is pretty easy - Click tools on the navigation bar, and click "My characters" and it will direct you to a new page - from there its pretty self explanatory.

  • Darth_SkippyDarth_Skippy Member Posts: 37
    Rpgcrossing account name...Skippy the Pirate

  • Darth_SkippyDarth_Skippy Member Posts: 37
    and Simon knows he's magical, I just figured I'd explain it in an in-game way.

  • xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
    Ok, everything is looking good - almost ready to start, my girlfriend has decided to give DnD a good try (she had a bad experience in the past with some real jerks, finally convinced her to trust me) but I have never seen her RP, so dont know what to expect.

    Ok, when @reedmilfam is ready with his back story, we can get the ball rolling, for everyone else I think you can create the basic parts of your sheets while you wait (hell, I dont mind if you finish the whole thing).

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    In my experience people who have never played often make some of the best RPrs. At any rate we will all be friendly and helpful.

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    @xenavire - Will make every attempt to get this done today. As for the character, we're using 3.5 rules without a point buy, right?

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    Ok made my character sheet on rpg crossing. Not sure everything is correct, I'm more familiar with pathfinder than 3.5 so something may be wrong.

  • xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
    Yeah, we are doing basic rolling on an honor system with reasonable re-rolls. I dont expect anyone to bring in all 18+ stats, or a high LA race, since this is a very non-powerplay game.

    We might have few extra additions too, but thats tentative and they might come in later, also new players, so don't be surprised if things get a little out of hand later on. I will handle it all as DM anyway, so it should be fine.

    Character sheets will have to be linked when we have our game thread, hoping they grant us it sooner rather than later.

  • CharlytanCharlytan Member Posts: 27
    Curiously watching the campaign from the shadows... A trained lurker appears!

    lol I just barely noticed this thread right now, but so far the setting sounds interesting. I probably won't be joining, but I'll definitely pop in from time to time to read this on-going adventure. XD

    Actually, I've never even heard of RPG Crossing until now. o.o' Will I be able to read the thread there? Or are they set to private?

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    I just got RPG crossing account, but am trying to find the game.

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    @xenavire and @Delvarian I'm brisub on the forum. I'm poking around to try and figure out what to do next. Also not sure about my character yet :)

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    Ok. I'm trying to work the character sheet, but having VERY little luck. I'll try again tomorrer... I did keep my rolls, especially because I maxed HP - seriously got a 10! Put his max skill points in Craft (4), 2 in Climb, 1 in Jump and 1 in Intimidate. Craft is due to background (see below), while climbing and jumping seem to be handy underground dweller's skills. As for intimidate, I wanted to counter the CHA penalty for this one.

    Was thrilled to roll a natural 17 with nothing below 10 (CHA was 11-2).

    Feats are Dwarven plus Blind Fight (RP choice which stemmed from his history in the dark depths) and Dodge (from being nimble and accustomed to working about in confined places).

    Golan Ironspike STR17/DEX14/CON17/INT10/WIS10/CHA9, Shield Dwarf FTR 1

    Young, at least by dwarven standards, Golan Ironspike is somewhat of a smith and tinker, making him appear to be an example of a dying breed. Truly enjoying the art of creating things with his own hands, he is not one to rely overmuch on magic, at least insofar as creation is concerned, although, when it comes to magical augmentation of items or weapons, he has no reservations whatsoever.

    Born deep within the mountains to a family commoners, Golan was the fifth of eight children, and developed a wanderlust that stemmed more from searching for a place with a niche that suited him more than of any true wish to see the open areas and limitless skies of the lands above. Stubborn to a fault, he continues to insist upon working with his own hands, creating things that the simple-minded folk in the lands above are too stupid to realize that they want (or need). In truth, this opinion garners him little favor from above-worlders, which is probably yet another source of his wanderlust (translation: he often wears out his welcome).

    A crafter of weapons and armor, as well a stonemason and builder, Golan has worked as a smith and a miner for much of his life. As a result, he is strong and hardy, and is also accurate when swinging picks, hammers, axes and just about any other item that might serve as a tool. These skills translate well into the use of arms and armor, making him slightly better than a militiaman in a brawl. However, as a warrior, he is but a raw recruit, for he has done little to hone his aptitude in these areas.

    While his manner is often dour, sometimes to the point of being taciturn, he is brave and loyal. At first, he often comes across as aggressive, yet this is more due to poor manners with people and the general directness of dwarven speech than anything else.

    Note: Alignment-wise, he is Lawful, bouncing a bit between Goodness and Neutrality.


    I hope this works. reedmilfam aka brisub

  • DrugarDrugar Member Posts: 1,566
    Not a participant, but posting to say that that is a balls-awesome picture of a dwarf.


  • xenavirexenavire Member Posts: 30
    @reedmilfam Don't sweat it, still waiting for the thread to be approved - at this rate I am going to make a fresh request rather than updating my current one (I think if I have all the forum names I can get it approved in short order, the first time I made the request first, THEN added names...)

    anyone has trouble with sheets, let me know, I can give a hand, you can also pm me on rpgcrossing (same username). And for the record, first level is always max hp in 3.5 as far as I remember.

    Liking all the characters so far!

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    edited April 2013
    @xenavire - I thought max HP was a 'house rule' (optional) in 3.5, but I'm no expert. Anyway, I am a new user and cannot PM anybody until (I think) 4 posts. It's an <a href="">RPG Crossing</a> anti-spam measure.

    @Drugar - Found it on DeviantArt. A large part of choosing it was the coloration, as I wanted it to somewhat seem stylistically consistent with @Delvarian 's portrait.

    <img src=""> rocks, too.

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    Hooray for us! We are being consistent.
    Also no worries Reed, I have an 8 in wisdom, good charisma, int and dex though. I'm the sort of person who enjoys playing with a low stat or two for RP reasons.

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    @Delvarian - I was very lucky with the rolls. Essentially a 15, a 17, a 14, two 10's and an 11 (which becomes 9 after I dock CHA by 2; the other 17 is CON (15+2)). All I really wanted was to be statisically effective as a FTR, and it appears that worked out all right.

    8 is about 9 in 3.5; I'll play a bit off of the low CHA and whatnot.

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    @reedmilfam yeah I'm going to have fun playing the low wisdom. I think 10 is supposed to be average, so yup anything under that is not so good.

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