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Looking for 1 or more Roleplayers (EU) GMT + 2 or close for BG saga playthrough.

ThorzenThorzen Member Posts: 6
Heya, so we're currently three people who want to do a roleplaying playthrough of the saga. I'm an experienced roleplayer, the others are relatively new to it. We'll probably play a relatively good party, as evil people are pretty hard to play because of the game mechanics. There will be no meta gaming, and we will not pick dialogue choices that give extra items / XP unless our characters would do so.

We are looking for a slow, immersive playthrough, where the most of the fun will come from the party interacting, and discussing decisions, tactics, and how we interact and feel about the world and what happens and how we act in it. Morals, philosophy, or just plain down emotions. Whatever comes organically to our party.

The only RP thing required, is that each character has some kind of reason to want to stay with the party, so we can do the whole playthrough. Then again, if your character really wants to leave the party, or attempt to kill someone in the party, it seems natural that the party would look for a new member, so as long as you are willing to do that I guess there's no problem. :)

You should be able to play 21:00 - 24:00 GMT + 2 and preferably, but not necessarily, longer in weekends, in case we want to play for some extra hours.

Add Zeniues on skype if it has any interest. ^^


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