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Abela the Nymph (Ragefast's Home) - Possible to get 2 cloaks

ParaspriteParasprite Member Posts: 22
edited November 2013 in Fixed
Confirmed as being fixed in the next patch

Normally you could either...

A: Kill the Nymph and get the cloak (-X Reputation, 1400 EXP, Nymph's Cloak, Lock of Nymph Hair)
B: Save the Nymph and she Dimension Door's out of there (2000 EXP, Nymph's Cloak)

But I found out there is a third possibility...

A+B: Save the Nymph and Kill her before she Dimension Door's out of there (-X Reputation, 2000+1400 EXP, Nymph's Cloak, Nymph's Cloak, Lock of Nymph Hair)

The Cloak does not leave the inventory of the Nymph allowing you to get two cloaks: One for the mini-quest (i.e. saving her), and one on her dead body.

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