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How Do I Add Portraits And Mods And How To delete Saved Characters

I have played through with an 1/2 elf druid
now I have a gnome multi thief/ illusionist (Swen Swensen )
I want to add portraits and mods and delete the junk CHARNAMEs from the saved character file
I am using windows 8
any help would be appreciated
and mod recommendations too
Thank you for your time


  • zur312zur312 Member Posts: 1,358
    edited April 2013
    it was in baldur's gate folders
    mods you should reinstall BG and delete everything before new installation

    usually you install mods by unpacking archive into baldur's gate folder and installing with setup-somemod.exe

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  • francofranco Member Posts: 507
    I don't know if the approach I'll outline works in Windows8. (I have Windows7). But it may, or it may be informative for you.

    I assume you know where to find portraits that you might choose from. If you don't, I can give you some links.

    Copy the portrait and place it in the Portraits file:
    C:/ Users/ My Documents/ Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition / Portraits.

    Find the file through your Start Button and then click computer. The above is not an exact link because the syntax is not fully accurate.

    If there is no Portraits file then create it in the above location.

    Paste the portrait in the Portraits file. Then open it in Paint. Hit Resize. Hit Pixels.
    You will create 3 portraits (although only 2 seem to be used in BG1).

    Resize to (210 x 330). or very close to that.
    Hit Save As and then hit BitMap picture.
    Save back in the Portraits file using a name like XXXXL or XXXXXXXL for your character.
    The XXXX's should start with letters and may suggest your character name. (I've noted 4 to 7 X's seem to work).
    The L is absolutely necessary to indicate this portrait is considered 'Large size'.

    Do this two more times:
    (1) Resize to (169 x 266), or very close to that.
    Save As a Bitmap with name XXXX....M
    (2) Resize to (54 x 84), or close.
    Save as a Bitmap with name XXXX...S

    If you are starting a new Charname, after Gender it will prompt you for Appearance, hit Custom.The top section will ask for Medium Portrait , click on your portrait name XXXX...M. In the lower section, you can click on your portrait name XXXX...S. Hit Done and you are set.

    Your can also change the Portrait of you Charname in the middle of the game. Choose the last Save Game.
    Click your character's icon. Hit the Record section on the left (5th down). Hit Customize and then Appearance, and then repeat the paragraph above.

    The procedure for changing portraits for party NPC's is a little different, but I can explain that if you need it.

    Please Note: The above explanation is what I had to piece together by asking questions over this last month and going to various links to get more information. There are players on this forum who I believe know much more elegant or exact methods for doing this. But it works for me. I finally got rid of Coran's terrible portrait, and I love using my own portraits for Charname.

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