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Alchemical Master Kit [BGEE+BG2EE]

DivineBloodDivineBlood Member Posts: 32
edited May 2013 in Feature Requests
Alchemical Master. (Not sure on the name)

Alchemical Master is a theoretically driven Rogue. He/She is in the full flight pursuit of knowledge and intellect through the use of scientific and alchemical research. The Alchemical Master creates and uses a variety of poisons and alchemical creations that can be used in long range or short range combat. Being one of such high intellect, and charismatic ability, an Alchemical Master is a true master in subterfuge, and manipulation of others.

May coat equipped weapons in a variety poisons and liquids . Also the alchemical master can create several offensive and defensive potions.

Note: All potions and poisons can be made once per day but last 2 days and then dissipate.

1st Level: Oxide Gas: Can be thrown at a target and if the target doesn't save vs sleep, it is put to sleep for 1 round for every 4 levels of the caster.

3rd Level: Acidic Potion: Can be thrown at a target and inflict 3d4 acidic damage each round for every 4 levels of the caster. A small healing potion can also be created once per day.

4th Level: Festering liquid: Can be applied to equipped projectiles, or blades. When striking a target it creates a festering disease in the targeted wound.

6th level: Exploding Naphtha: Explodes on hitting a target a target dealing damage to all caught in the explosion. An Antidote can be created once per day.

8th Level: Paralytic Liquid: Can be applied to equipped projectiles, or blades. It has a change of inducing paralysis on the target.

9th Level: Invisibility Potion: Can create these once per day every 4 levels. Can also create one more Oxide gas and Acidic Potion per day.

12th level: Can create one more exploding Naphtha per day. Can coat 1 more festering liquid per day. -1 Armour class and +1 to hit.

15th Level: Poisonous Cloud: Can throw this potion to explode in an area effect. It poisons all targets in the area, has a chance to put them to sleep, and causes blindness. Can also create a greater potion of healing once per day for every 4 levels.

16th Level: Deathly Poison: Can be applied to 1 projectile or blade. It lasts one successfully struck attack. It has a chance to kill the target unless save vs death.

20th Level: Is Immune to all effects of the 15th level potion, Poisonous Cloud. While in fighting in the cloud, the Alchemical Master gains 15% Hide in shadows and 15% Move silently. -1 Armour class.

22nd Level: Can summon 3 suicidal Gliberings. When these monsters are with killed or come into melee combat with the enemy, they explode doing area effect Fire, Ice and Acid damage.

Can gain up to three slots in throwing daggers, darts, and the dagger. Can gain three slots in single weapon use.

-Only gain +15% thieving points to distribute per level.
-Can't distribute any slots in Sword and Shield Style or Two Weapon Style.
-Can't wear and gauntlets. (From a young ages the Alchemical Master has had his own Alchemical gloves magically attached to ensure no damage is done to his hands)
-5% chance to fail making your substance and damage your self a percentage of your maximum health.
Cant make Traps.
- Minimum Charisma of 18
-Minimum Intelligence of 15
-Restricted to Classes who can gain these 2 traits.

As this kit is made known as a master of subterfuge, It would be great if a whole new line of dialogue could be opened for this class.

Im not sure what abilities it should have access to in Throne of Bhaal. Im leaving this open to you guys.

Tell me what you guys think. Hit agree if you like it. Some constructive criticism would be nice guys. Is it too OP or UP? What should i add? Or is it not going to work.
Tell me! =D




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