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Game crashed & no .dmp file

WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571
My game crashed and there's no .dmp file located in both my C: drive or in my documents folder (Windows 7). But I figured that I would at least report what happened and hope that something can be done or if it's already been reported, then at least narrow down the issue. There are tons of variables obviously so I'll try to be specific.

Bug: Game crashed while reading the book 'The Dead Three' in Firebead Elvenhair's house in Beregost. I was playing multiplayer, but by myself, so essentially a custom made party. The game did not freeze, just kicked me out and the little pop-up informing me that my game crashed did appear. I checked both BG:EE locations, and didn't see a May 1st .dmp file.

Expected Behavior: Game shouldn't crash. I know it's kind of obvious and redundant to state. Also the game crashing should create a .dmp file to upload to Beamdog/Overhaul. I have previous .dmp files from March so not sure why it didn't provide me one now.

Hope this helps!

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