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Ranger Racial Enemy inconsistency between BG1 and BG2

I hope I haven't missed an already existing thread about this one (I went through most of these feature requests this week, so I decided to join the forum and give my contribution to it).

I noticed that Rangers in the EE cannot choose BG2 Racial Enemies. When we had to convert our BG1 character to BG2 one, we had to choose a new Racial Enemy for our Ranger. Now if BG1EE and BG2EE characters are the same there will be no converting of characters when they are imported from BG1EE to BG2EE, but if Rangers can't choose BG2 Racial Enemies they will not be able to change them to match new tougher BG2 enemies.

I see 2 possible solutions for this. Either enable the choice of BG2 Racial enemies during BG1 character creation, or make another conversion process from BG1EE to BG2EE character.

In the first case we would have to choose wheter to make our BG1 fights (against certain enemy) easier for the cost of this not being useful in BG2 (where there are not many enemies of that kind). Or the other way around.

In the second case Racial enemy would be more baneficial in both games, but would be less logical to change it for roleplaying reasons (if you trained your whole life to kill gnolls why would you be able to suddenly have different Racial Enemy).

Share your opinions on this and merge this thread with a similar one if it exists.

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 3,675
    The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • bbearbbear Member Posts: 1,180
    I like the op's 2nd choice. It's a balance issue not a roleplay issue. Doesnt sorcerer have the ability to re-pick spells from bg1 -> bg2?

  • ArchnecromancerArchnecromancer Member Posts: 17
    He has the ability because when you import BG1 character into BG2 character creation process it forces you to modify these things to match the BG2 character files (that have kits, different proficiencies, new spells that you couldn't choose in BG1).

    If they made BG1EE in BG2 engine with kits, BG2 spells and proficiensies there will be no need to modify BG1 characters imported to BG2 (including sorcerer spells) so this racial enemy thing would force them to include this modification of characters in BG2EE.

    So I suppose that the question is whether they should allow modification of BG1EE characters imported in BG2EE or not...

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