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[Tutorial] Area Modding with DLTCEP

YovanethYovaneth Member Posts: 682
Some of you might not be aware of this document:

@cerevant Worth another one of they electronic sticky-whotsits?



  • viaderviader Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 875
    This tutorial is little old - should be update. DLTCEP have some little bugs - I make some locations and I always have few crash, have problems with update values. Set poligons or search map is tedious, but I recommend, new users should be prepare on problems :)

  • YovanethYovaneth Member Posts: 682
    There's no real need to update it yet - the basic area creation process hasn't changed. I still get the odd crash too, so I always have an up-to-date backup handy in case the file I'm working on gets trashed (very rare - DLTCEP holds everything in memory and only commits when you hit Save). I'll update the tutorial when Avenger_TeamBG makes DLTCEP work with pvrz files.

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