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Can't attack silver dummy in Durlag's Tower

darinbdarinb Member Posts: 8
I'm stuck in Durlag's Tower and eventually looked up the walkthrough's. From what I understand I need to attack the silver dummy to upwen the north door in the round room--but there is no "attack circle" for that dummy. The one for the leftmost (bronze?) dummy is locatd just in front of that dummy, the red one is located properly under the red dummy. Also, I see a secret door in the bedroom oposite the dummy room but I can't get it to open.

Bug? Playing current version 1.0.2014 Mac:EE



  • darinbdarinb Member Posts: 8
    O.K., more experimenting and I got it open. Noticed a few other odd things.

    Went back to the bedroom. Put the Keil stone back in the nightstand. Fireball trap (The second, time, I think!). The stone was back in my inventory then without my putting it there. Now it was once again unidentified. Gave it to the mage, identified it, put it back in the Protagonist's inventory.

    Noticed I could see a secret door leading off the throne room even though I hadn't been able to get into the throne room yet. I'm good!

    Meanwhile, rested for the heck of it. Woke from rest with one of the named mages (?) attacking. I thought I had killed them all. Rested a few more times and killed a couple Greater Doppelgängers.

    I think all that is unrelated to what follows:

    Went back to the dummy room and searched around (again) with the attack sword symbol engaged. Found the long lost silver dummy "attack circle" in the very south east corner at the far side of the room. Attacked it and the Throne room door opened...


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