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Modding Questions : About cutscenes.

EcthelionEcthelion Member Posts: 61
Hello everyone,

I am coming back to you for a few questions I have about modding! It is my first time writing for a mod so I am sure there is a lot of things I missed when I read some tutorials and maybe the information I need is one of those.

For starters, I am trying to write a complete NPC mod with an associated quest, as well as one/two cutscenes. The thing is I have figured out the mechanisms for banters, basic dialog, friendship & romance and basic scripting for my NPC (thanks to all of the great tutorials online and the IEDSP) and now I am dealing with coding of one cutscene.

I have three NPC that will need to play in the cutscene, and I stumble upon little problems on which I didn't find a solution yet :

1/ when one of my spellcaster use ForceSpell("PNJ",CLERIC_ANIMATE_DEAD) I don't know how to control the summon I just created.
The thing is, if I create one skeleton, maybe I could just use the DV of that creature to control it, but if for example two skeletons pop up, how can I control both of them? (Just a simple command like attack() )

2/ I used ForceSpell("Enemy1",CLERIC_HOLD_PERSON) on a target but even when the target is hit by the spell, it continue to attack as nothing happened to it. Is there a way to properly hold a creature within a cutscene IF the spell works?

3/ How can I activate a contingency I've store into a NPC via a script?

Thank you.

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