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Fan Fiction: Keldorn in Harry Potter

raven3182raven3182 Member Posts: 0

I thought y'all might be interested in a new fan fic I've been writing. I've basically taken the character Keldorn Firecam from BGII and dropped him into the world of Harry Potter. I've had to tweek Keldorn's story and abilities a bit to make him work in the setting and in the narrative, but I think I've stayed true to his character. The story can be found over on

I figured some people here might be interested in something like this so I thought I'd let you know. I've been a fan of the Baldur's Gate series since the original came out many moons ago, and I figured this might be considered my contribution to the BG community in a strange, roundabout way.

Anyways, here's the info:

Title: Harry Potter and the Knight of the Radiant Heart
Author: Raven3182
Rating: T
Status: Work in Progress, 7 chapters, 31,966 words so far.
Summary: During the battle at the Department of Mysteries, something strange happens, and a knight from a place far, far away suddenly finds himself in the strange world of Harry Potter. How will the wizarding world react to having a paladin thrust into their midst? Evil closes in on all sides, yet the Light still shines in the Darkness.


  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    edited September 2013
    Isn't Keldorn, as an Inquisitor, sworn to hunt down and destroy magic users who are a potential threat? Not lawful stupid exactly, but erring on the side of "if they're a risk, take action".

    "Malfoy leaned against the wall of the quad, examining his cuticles with a practiced expression of boredom. A pair of his Slytherin classmates lounged nearby, trying to seem tough while avoiding eye contact. They scattered like pigeons as the old knight walked by.
    "Are you Draco Malfoy?"
    "What if I were, old man?"
    "User of poisons and hexes in a dangerous manner? The Order of the Most Radiant Heart are displeased."

    Malfoy's left eyebrow rose in mock, then genuine surprise. His lips parted slightly to begin a protest, but gradually closed as his head rolled across the paving and into a nearby flowerbed. Keldorn knelt for a moment to wipe his blade on the hem of Draco's cloak. He stood and consulted a piece of parchment pulled from a belt pouch.

    He loomed over one of the cowering students nearby and growled, "Snape. Where is he?"

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