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Searching for Minimal Reload Playgroup (for 5 additional Players)

ValdemarValdemar Member Posts: 41
edited June 2013 in Multiplayer
I am a AD&D fanatic looking to start a playgroup through BG with human players, and I am very open to times. I have yet to play any Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale game with any human players and would love to do so.

I would like to start this when we all are free until whenever we all agree, or one cannot stay awake anymore. I am under the Mountain Standard Time zone and could play any day of the week after 4 PM or any other suggested time as I currently have a very open schedule. Once we have all players we may suggest times to find the best time of convenience for us all.

There are a few rules I would like in place:

1.) Vanilla install - I'd like my first official, multiplayer run through the game to be no mods, I want to experience the game as close to its original state as possible (I know EE adds and changes things slightly already, no biggie)

2.) Dedicated characters - I'd like our group to have dedicated characters to this campaign; I don't mind if you play other campaigns, or do stuff on your own single-player, I'd just prefer you to use a different character, or a copy of your character; I'd like all our characters to experience the same game together, at the same time.

3.) No cheats

4.) No rushing - I don't mind discussing dialogue options, where we go, etc., and I'm not OCD, but I am curious and inquisitive, if we enter a map, I'd like to explore all of it (or at least most of it), at least once, talk to most of the NPC's, read the lore. I do not have to stop to read every book, but I would like to hear/read what the NPC's say, watch the movies, explore the areas, and do some of the side quests, and optional areas, without rushing through the story. I know this takes longer, but I'd prefer not to ruin the game for those who have not yet finished it. I'm not unreasonable either, if we go to go some direction, and it just is not possible, there's an encounter too tough in the way, or something, I'm perfectly willing to turn around, or run for our lives.

5.) Minimal spoilers - I do not mind playing with someone who has already done the campaign, but keep in mind, others have not. No spoilers please, do not all-willingly say, "we should not go that direction, there's nothing over there,” or "that way is too dangerous right now". If you already know beyond a doubt there is nothing over there, throw us on follow, and get a drink. If you know it is too dangerous, silently chuckle inside, and be prepared to run.

6.) I would like others to be open to the idea of roleplaying - I do not mind if you guys role-play with each other, or myself. I'm quite new to roleplaying and think I may enjoy it. If others want to role-play with each other, or me, that is fine. I would love some in-game immersion.

7.) No excessive breaks - I understand real-life gets in the way sometimes, so we will have to pause, or take a break while someone runs to the restroom, or gets a drink, that is fine. I do not want to spend an hour or two of it, waiting while someone takes an hour-long phone call. I am going to dedicate myself to this, and rearrange my schedule around it, if someone else wants to join or commit to it, please do the same

8.) Discuss - Kind of with the no rushing above, just cause you've already done it, please don't "sit" at the next zone line waiting for the rest of us, especially, if maybe we all don't want to go that way, maybe we want to go another way, outside of the main "storyline" path. Also, please do not just rush through dialogue, or if you have choices for dialogue, make big game affecting choices, without discussing it with the group.

9.) Minimal Reload. I would really like to try this game-type out, though if others (or the majority) insists not I can cave in here. I just would prefer something immersive where death feels real.

If there are any questions or suggestions one may reply here or personally message me.
Who would be interested?


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