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An INT/WIS based random Exploration Roll

francofranco Member Posts: 507

BG is perhaps the greatest RPG ever created. But once the game has been played through a number of times, my interest begins to sag because one knows where almost every item and everyone is. The following is one of the
suggestions I've made for a one-off fun challenge to help restore an exciting degree of uncertainty to the game.

An INT/WIS Based Random Exploration Roll suggested "as a component" in a randomized challenge game..

1. Any Map with a location in BG that "must" be visited as part of the Story-line quest to complete the game, is completely accessible to the party for exploration.
2. Any Map with a location in BG that "must" be visited to fulfill a quest of an NPC already recruited in the party is also completely accessible for exploration.
3. Other Maps require an INT/WIS based Random Exploration Roll to explore.
4. Any Map which must be crossed to reach an accessible Map may be "passed through", but the rest of the map is not available for exploration unless an INT/WIS roll is passed.

5. The Charname INT/WIS roll is 1D20 + (INT/WIS bonus) > 10

The INT bonus 13-14 (+1), 15-16 (+2), 17-18 (+3), Higher +4
The WIS bonus 13-14 (+1), 15-16(+2), 17-18 (+3), Higher +4

Charname Fighter, Thief (INT/WIS bonus) = Max of INT bonus or WIS bonus.
Charname Mage, Sorcerer (INT/WIS bonus) = WIS bonus +1 (most of his INT is occupied)
Charname Cleric, Druid (INT/WIS bonus) = INT bonus +1 (most of her WIS is occupied).

6. Basically, if a particular Map fails the Exploration Bonus, it cannot be explored for the game, unless an NPC
comes on board with a quest (NPC quest) to go there.

That's it. It can be used as the basis for or "part of" a challenge run. I am interested in using this along with the randomizing rules I've developed for a) CHAR based NPC recruit roll, b) CON based limited reload rule which are also presented in this "Challenge sector" of the forum.

Please let me know whether you like this form a challenge rule. Looking forward to it.

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  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,433
    I like the idea, but a low wis/int character can miss out much:tons of xp and items..hmm that would make a huge challenge and save us from 'oh I have to do the ankheg lair and get the fire wand now' routine. I will try when/if I start a newgame.
  • francofranco Member Posts: 507
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    @lunar. Thanks very much for liking the idea of a INT/WIS based Random Exploration Roll. If you get a chance to try it, then post maybe here your experience with it. I'd really be interested in knowing.

    I've been studying several randomizing approaches that can be used in a one-off fun challenge to combat meta-gaming and to restore an exciting degree of uncertainty to the game.

    1) The INT/WIS based Random Exploration Roll definitely increases uncertainty concerning items and xp's in the game.

    2) The CHA based Randomized NPC Recruit Roll suggestion, increases difficulty concerning the NPCs that are available in the game. It makes for some fun party combinations.

    3) The Rule for CON based Limited PC Reloads imposes the idea of Minimal Reloads but also caps the number of reloads for the PC in a way that should add something to a challenge run.

    Each of the above rules can be adopted or tweaked separately by a player, to make for a very interesting run. But I've been imagining offering a more complete Randomized Challenge game incorporating the above Ability based ideas within it. If it works, it might become one answer to Meta Gaming and a return to actual adventuring. Each time out when you try it, in fact, this game within a game would tend to give you a different experience and different challenge.

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