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Changes for familiars

DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,701
Was soloing a caster in tutu and decided to make my familiar a useful part of the team... Basically I am using it to damage sleeping or webbed enemies, which makes things much quicker. Also as a scout, though a very cautious one. However, I do not enjoy getting my familiar killed by a crit. I wouldn't mind it so much if the poor guy got killed by misuse; but why does he get critted so damn often!? Anyways, I don't see how it would be abuseable to give familiars crit immunity. They would suddenly be able to risk getting hit by an archer. Obviously after you have a few levels this is less of a problem, as your familiar will be hidden in your pack!

Other idea: give familiars hp as a function of your own. Might be interesting for a fighter Mage, but your hardly going to count on the little guy as a tank.

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