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Pathfinder Game

VagabondVagabond Member Posts: 6
edited June 2013 in Role Playing
I would like to play a good pen and paper game, and I'd like to run it on the Pathfinder Rule-set (think of it as a rebalanced and updated version of D&D 3.5). I am not really confident in DMing such a game, since I'm not really sure how to work a tabletop game online. I'd like to play the Magus class, a fighter/mage archetype that has only get to sixth level spells, so don' be afraid to roll a caster. =)

And as for the campaign or setting...I'm open to ideas. The rules are pretty versatile, and every class has a kick. here are some links:

Pathfinder - The Magus
3.5 to Pathfinder Conversion Guide (for those curious)

Edit: Also, I like this article. This article is a good read - thanks to Moomintroll!
11 Ways to Be a Better Roleplayer

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