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BG:EE No Reload Challenge! 4/7-2013

karpaszkarpasz Member Posts: 74
I've just started a challenge - post it here just to get my bg-nerdyness in rage. Post your no-reload pc/party!


1. Randomize PC + party with Drone's Random Character Generation System - create six PCs with 5 party members - choose 3 of 6 PCs. List them 1-3, start with char 1.
2. Any difficulty setting.
3. NO cheat codes (clua console; exception if party member is cannot be separated (eg Jaheira/Khalid)).
4. Heal on rest is ok.
5. If party member die a permanent death, it's ok to roll a new one.
6. ShadowKeeper allowed, eg if rolled "pick any race", it's ok to choose eg Tiefling (adv/dis as 2nd ruleset)
7. NO meta-gaming,
8. RP char - no paladins that loots every household, no sweet and kind assassins, chaotic evil doesn't mean chaotic stupid...
9. Auto-pause is ok.
10. Party members are allowed to be resurrected.
11. No reloads if PC dies!
12. Mods allowed, just post which you use.
13. No ridiculous low stats, stat has to be 8 or higher.




  • karpaszkarpasz Member Posts: 74
    Started with this char:

    Abdel Adrian, human, CG, Archer, 7 ab rolls, male = 1.
    STR 18/85 DEX 18 CON 18 INT 10 WIS 14 CHA 8.
    Prof. Crossbow, Quarterstaff, Spear (randomized these).
    Racial enemy: Ogre (randomized).
    Party: Kagain, Shar-Teel, Ajantis, Xan, Rasaad.

    Just got Ajantis - was a bit tricky with all bandits in area... stealth is a winner!

  • karpaszkarpasz Member Posts: 74
    Death by electrical trap (Tazok's tent), Rasaads find traps (skill 30) wasn't high enough. Oh well...

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,207
    I'm surprised you were going with a no reload challenge with Rasaad and not a real thief. Was your plan to to dual class Shar-Teel?

  • karpaszkarpasz Member Posts: 74
    Yes, my plan was to dual-class Shar-Teel into fighter/thief, however - I decided to wait until level 5. Bad idea.

    Started second game with this char:

    Amethyne, half-elf, female, NE, Necromancer (Shadow Keeper to change race), rolls = 3, female = 6
    STR 9 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 18 WIS 18 CHA 8
    Party: Montaron, Tiax, Eldoth, Minsc, Garrick.

    F*ckin Carbos. Even used heal potion...

    Third game:

    half-elf, female, LE, Dark Moon Monk (Shadow Keeper to change race), rolls = 2, female = 3
    Party: Viconia, Baeloth, Xzar, Quayle, Kagain.

    Just started. I killed Shank and Carbos. It's a start.

  • GaveGave Member Posts: 66
    Very interesting and probably a super tough challenge. I would probably go with a sneaky protagonist as well. Or mage with invisibility, but with a mage there is always a higher risk to rest somewhere inappropriate and get a bad spawn on you.

    Though mods and SK seems odd for a hardcore challenge.

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