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Talking Heads

CoutelierCoutelier Member Posts: 1,240
edited July 2013 in Fan Creations

Imoen: Really, Aerrers… it’s our one hundredth post and that’s all you’ve got to say?

Aerie: I just… would like a bit more action. I’m missing the rush and thrill of battle…

Imoen: Aww… would you like to invite Bane from Batman over again?

Aerie: N-no, I… I want a challenge.

So, to celebrate Im & Aer's one hundredth post on Tumblr, I figured I’d try for something a bit special. Okay, it’s not too impressive; I only did it quickly last night though and it’s the first time trying out the new lip synching tools in Poser Pro. I still haven’t figured it all out yet, and I know there are a few faults like the left side of her hair not moving and a bit of clipping on her collar... but it's just an experiment. Anyway, if you want a full CG animated movie with motion captured animation you can go ahead and pay me five million dollars (some of which I will use to pay an actual professional to do it).

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