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[BUG] Constitution bonus abuse

lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
edited November 2012 in Original BG2 Bugs
Couldn't find it anywhere on these forums or in TobEx. This is about healing yourself with equipping a con bonus item over and over, much like the Maximum HP Bonus effect #18 of type 0.

Current behaviour :
Equipping an item with a constitution bonus that grants extra maximum hp also updates current HP.
Removing the item bonus (or a straight penalty) doesn't.

Expected behaviour :
- Update current HP both ways
- Don't update current HP with con changes. Unless maximum HP goes lower than current HP of course.

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  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    I think the only way to do it is to have CON raising or Max XP raising simply raise the Max rather than add to current HP. If it adds to current HP and the amount has to be accounted for, how long should it maintain that variable? There's no way to reasonably implement it. Besides, raising max HP itself alone either through higher CON or Effect 18 does the trick quite well enough for when one reaches their new max HP amount....

  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,622
    edited July 2012
    This is an exploitable feature, not a harmful bug. I see no reason to "fix" it.

    PS Sorry, have confused it for another thing. Please, nevermind this post (or delete it).

  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,336
    edited August 2012
    "If a character’s Constitution score changes enough to alter his or her Constitution modifier, the character’s hit points also increase or decrease accordingly. "

    d20 rules, but I believe it is the same as in Advanced.

    I believe this means when you unequip the item that the HP would decrease. If you equip an item that grants you a +5 HP worth of constitution modifier, then you drop to 1 HP and remove the item, you are now at -4 HP.

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  • ZoozieZoozie Member Posts: 3
    There was a potion that increased constiution. If you drank it right before level-up the extra hitpoints gained from bonuses was not substracted when effect ended. Not sure it is a bug, but it is a
    very nice feature to know.

  • DeathKnightDeathKnight Member Posts: 93
    Yes, if you get 25 to all stats (and constitution, apparently), by exporting importing in multiplayer a character carrying all tomes in inventory, your life is raised by a dice controlled/adjusted sum, and as an added bonus, at least at 25 constitution, you slowly yet passively regenerate without the spell being active on you. This is a nice thing, totally NOT for fixing.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,128
    Sometimes, after getting baldy damaged, when Draw Upon Holy Might's effect finished, it killed CHARNAME.

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