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Question about Mask of the Betrayer (NWN2): Touch of Death Sword? (Spoilers)

EntropyXIIEntropyXII Member Posts: 656
edited August 2013 in Off-Topic
I have recently started playing NWN2 again and had a few questions regarding the plot line and various other aspects.

I was considering playing a Doomguide, through the original OC then MOTB.

Question Number 1: Is there any plot related mentions in regards to this prestige class? I know it was only included with Storm of Zehir, but would anything come of having 'Kelemvor' as a deity?

Question number 2: Found this weapon:

...but I don't think I have ever actually found this. A google search turns up nothing and gamebanshee doesn't include locations outside of the walkthrough - which also turn up nothing. Does anybody know if it is actually included? My entire build revolves around this sword, ha! (I would prefer to actually find it in game than to cheat it in).

Question number 3: I know there are various mentions in game regarding race and background traits but I often found them to be far too little to be worth selecting any other race than 'human'. My question is: If I choose a Tiefling as a race, would there be enough mentions in game not to break immersion?

Question number 3: Backgrounds such as 'veteran' which were included with MotB, obviously would have very little impact in the OC. The problem is, if you are continuing a character over from the OC to MoTB you cannot change it. Do backgrounds such as 'veteran' get honorary mentions in MotB?

Thanks for your help guys! I am really just curious about the Bastard sword! I really want that sword xD


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