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rectifierrectifier Member Posts: 14
edited August 2013 in General Modding
I got bored yesterday and decided that I wanted to play bgee in borderless windowed mode.

So I spent a few hours yesterday and today and whipped up an ahk solution.

Its a scripting language for windows, though I'm not sure it'll work on windows 8.
I tried to make it support multiple monitors, but I can't test it myself.

There's a readme but here's the tl;dr version:

Download the zipped up exe file (In 7zip format).
Extract and place bgeeBW.exe in the main directory of BG:EE.
Run bgeeBW.exe, don't be alarmed if it makes a shortcut for Baldur.exe.
Press alt+b to switch from borderless windowed mode to regular windowed mode
Press alt+q to quit bgeeBW and revert the game to regular windowed mode
Pressing alt+b when BG:EE is not running but bgeeBW is running will launch the game.

You can download the zipped up exe and readme here or from this link (which includes the script):

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  • GriegGrieg Member Posts: 507
    I can confirm that it works on W8
    - after running it, makes shortcut
    - after pressing alt+b, changes into borderless fullscreen windowed mode

  • rectifierrectifier Member Posts: 14
    I finally got around to playing with this script on for more than a few minutes and noticed that scrolling left or up with the mouse doesn't work.

    Version 1.1: Now you can scroll with the mouse in borderless windowed mode!
    The dropbox is updated, so simply replace whatever you've been using with the new file.

    I tried to use the Windows api via a dll call in ahk for legit mouse clipping, but couldn't figure it out, so this is yet another hackish "fix", though what else is new.

  • whytewhyte Member Posts: 2
    Sorry for the necro, but is it possible to make it work on BG2?

  • rectifierrectifier Member Posts: 14
    I added an edited ahk and exe file to the dropbox link.

    For future reference, all you need to make your original script work for the second game is get a copy of the original ahk file and change this line:

    winName := "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition"

    to this:

    winName := "Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition"

    Literally a change to a single line, and of course placing the script/exe in the correct location, will allow the same functionality as the original script/exe.

    Warning: The way this is implemented, do not have both the original script/exe and the second script/exe running at the same time (note the icons in the taskbar tray), which may cause both bgee and bgee2 to run at the same time and other possible strange behavior.

    Of course, you may certainly edit the scripts so they both work harmoniously but that is up to you.

  • whytewhyte Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much! It works perfectly :)

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