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Neverwinter Online community review

kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,683
So, anyone saw or play that? Comments? Thoughts? Reviews? Ratios? What you people would criticize on that game and, most important, is that worth or playable?

Also feel free to discuss any Neverwinter Online issue here, i'm not holding back anyone!

From my experience i found the UI and base quests a bit alike Perfect World (maybe cos it's made by the same studio that make PW) and the lore in that MMORPG is a bit secondary, but then i don't know which permissions they have from WotC (Hasbro) to touch the gameplay. Some quests are really nice and the foundry system apparently stimulate the modder spirit in every player, what can only benefit the whole RPG community in the long run.


  • NeoDragonNeoDragon Member Posts: 169
    edited August 2013
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  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    I refer you to my brief selection of comments in this thread:

    tl:dr: It's not very good, and it's barely D&D

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,683
    It's made in offtopic @NeoDragon, i believe it's an off-topic subject.

    @Ajwz, from what i saw they use the 4° edition there, not a good choice from my point of view but probally not something they had any vouch on.

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    But the point I was making in that thread is that it's not even 4th ed

  • karnor00karnor00 Member Posts: 679
    I played it for a while, but grew to dislike it.

    In terms of gameplay, it's nothing like D&D at all. It's all MMO stats like attack, defence, crit, etc. There are only 5 classes (none of which were familiar to me from D&D) and they aren't very well balanced. The quests and storyline didn't seem very interesting to me.

    But there were two real turn offs for me. Firstly, the further you got in the game the more it felt like pay-to-win. There is more and more 'encouragement' to spend real money to get better items. The in-game way of achieving these items was extremely slow and required a lot of repetitive grinding.

    The other issue is that there were a lot of exploits which people had been taking advantage of and nobody really got banned or punished for abusing them. One was early foundry quests which people had designed to enable them to get to maximum level in hardly any time. Like putting a mass of immobile elite level mobs in a room - just AE them to death for massive experience and no risk.
    The other big exploit was an infinite money exploit - people had been exploiting it for a long time before it went critical and completely destroyed the economy. The game was rolled back 8 hours to remove the worst excesses which happened at the end, but that still left a huge amount of duped money in the game from before the rollback.

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,683
    edited August 2013
    I kinda of agree, the admins aren't much active in that game. The quests ressemble too much Perfect World system, also. I wouldn't expect roleplay from a MMORPG, but some lore respect would be nice, specially about strong/weak hierarchy between enemies.

    I played the game for a while to elaborate an opinion and...

    I didn't understood why they used many arrows there as enemies for example, specially if the game happens 100 years after the NWN games, which means that the clash between Drizzt and Oboud already happened at that time and the orcs shouldn't be that agressive. By the way, wrong orc tribe, as the orcs from Old Owl Well belong to another clans (like eyegouger for example).

    When i signed up i understood that i would get an hack 'n slash game, i just hoped for a bit of lore, but even the books and notes we find for the journal... they're just not right with the official lore. Taking how corrupted lore is i hardly believe WotC allowed the procedure of this game, seeing how they are with these subjects.

    Still, the opinion of the community is always good to work ideas about D&D related products, thx everyone for the tips.

    Ps: Paid service in beta servers, in the scale of purchases they're working with, isn't something reasonable.

    Ps2: Just hope World of Darkness to not follow these steps when released in 2015 (or even later), it's the only MMORPG i really want to play badly.

    Edited for fix some mistakes

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  • Twilight_FoxTwilight_Fox Member Posts: 448
    In my opinion, Neverwinter is a joke (from a player perspective, I have no doubt that they are doing a lot of money with ‘so little’).. That basically a facebook game that encourage you to use your wallet at every step of the ‘game’. The game have nothing to do with Neverwinter and D&d and each time that the lore is mentioned, the objective is to sell you something (like a black panther pet for example; You know!! Drizzt have one too!! You MUST have one too!! And we will also give you a Spider mount!! Like the Drows!! You know!! The drows!! Drows are cool!! Do you want to be cool too!!?? Buy it now and we will unlock you the drow race too!! Insert you credential here you lucky one!!).

    1. Very few map
    2. Very small map
    3. Very few choice of race
    4. Very few choice of class
    5. No story at all
    6. Everything in game cost you an insane amount of cash (Astral diamond)
    7. Everything in game lead you to the online shop
    8. No ‘replayability’ (Replay value)

    The only good thing that I have to say about the game: Neverwinter is a better hack and slash than Diablo3. So you can have some fun to level your character to lvl60 and with some luck, if you like another ‘’class’’, you may have some fun to level another character to lvl60. Of course a lot of quest will lead you to the online shop and you will soon learn that you must invest hundreds/thousands of hours to upgrade char/equipment/pets/companion to a decent level or to use your credit card (for example: the level cap of your companions is 30 but your is 60, so they basically are a nuisance most of the time and die in every fight, except if you use your credit card of course.)

    So if you want a little ‘flash game’/’facebook game’ that will keep your attention for 40-80h and allow you to listen your favorite music while fighting, that a good one (if you are ok with the said race/class). But no not expect anything else/more.

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