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Chain lightning...

IchigoRXCIchigoRXC Member Posts: 1,001
I have opened up chain lightning in DLTCEP but I can not fathom what part of it makes it bounce from enemy to enemy. The reason I want to know this is I wanted to figure if it would be possibly to create my own spell that bounces from enemy to enemy (using the energy blade animation)

Anyone have the answers I am in need of, I figure some of you might ;)


  • AprilApril Member Posts: 39
    edited August 2013
    I believe that data is in the projectile info.

    Edit: That is, I the case of chain lightning casting spwi615.spl triggers spwi615a.spl and spwi615b.spl.
    Spwí615a.spl is the single target portion, it uses the projectile Spwi615b.spl uses the projectile that is an area of effect projectile with the area size of a fireball. In the .pro file it's got a tag that makes it not target allies.

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,344
    edited August 2013
    Iirc the vanilla lightning bolt animation is a bit special in that it'll keep bouncing around for a set time. Not sure if this can be emulated by other projectiles, but theoretically you could try creating a spell with the energy blade animation that upon hit has as one of its effects to cast a new and similar spell, with different projectile properties, like @April says.

    Afaik you'd have to give the second projectile an aoe capability to make it fire without you having to designate a target, make it single-target only to avoid everyone in range getting hit, and have it affect only enemies unless you want the capacity for collateral damage. You then have to set up a chain of subsequent spell casts like this, one for each time you want the spell to bounce, and then just leave the last one to do damage/other effects only but not cast a new spell.

    The main problem I can come up with off the top of my head is getting each subsequent projectile to launch properly from the target hit rather than from your character once they start hitting random enemies in range, but it's possible that the game can handle this with the "at target point" or "preset target" designations. It's also possible that you could combine the secondary projectile designation with the single target one to achieve the same effect with less hassle. Would have to fiddle around with it myself to find out.

  • IchigoRXCIchigoRXC Member Posts: 1,001
    Thank you for the information guys, that actually makes a lot of sense. Time to rip those bits apart and try to recreate it using the energy blade animation.

    ******'s Bouncing Blade shall be made...

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