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[Question] - Ascension compatible with other mods?

Silly question, what mods would everyone here suggest for creating the optimum plot-immersion experience? I took a look at the ascension mod which I'm hoping to install as well as the TUTU/BGT mods. Is ascension compatible with either of these mods? And is one mod better than the other/is there any additional content one has over the other?

P.S. I also have to fit the downloads onto a 2 GB flash drive since I don't actually have a ISP where I live and have to download any mods during lunch breaks at work.


  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    I would say yes, but I would suggest you install Ascension last and make sure you have the latest version. I believe there is a newer version that patches for Detectable Spells rather than override replace.

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    If you use BP-Ascension you should be fine to put it where ever you want. If you use the original Ascension from, then that has to be installed before any other mods because it'll override some things.

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 803
    Cuv: please don't put it last; put it first. Pretty much any intelligently written modern mod is aware of Ascension and can work around it. I can't speak for the BP version of Ascension, but the original one is (understandably, given its vintage and the install technology available at the time) very overwrite-happy and will make a terrible mess of lots of modern mods.

  • horredtheplaguehorredtheplague Member, Developer Posts: 183
    edited August 2013
    I can speak for the BP version of Ascension, and the latest one is about as non-overwriting as we could make it. It does add the Detectable Spells and a bit of support code, as well as a few 'in-house' additions. It was never meant to be a purist simulacrum; in fact I wrote David Gaider in 2003 for permission to do precisely what I did.

    Last I heard Miloch, who helped a lot w/ the new coding, had plans to make a purist adaptation. I have no idea of the current status, but until that happens BP-Ascension is probably your wisest choice for install with other (esp strategic) mods.

    P.S: You'll naturally have to install it before any Ascension-dependent mods, but otherwise its install position should be fair game.

  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    @DavidW Ah, okay! my bad then. Good to know most mods take the time to work around it.

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