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Jalanther Mystmyr missing at water temple [Marek & Lothander]

GregorovitchGregorovitch Member Posts: 5
The poison quest has just kicked in meeting Lothander outside the diviner's tent. I have completed the return of the son's body quest via Tanya. I go to the water temple to see Jalanther for the required item to progress and she is not there. Some of her priestesses are there but one of them turns hostile immediately (although the others don't). If i kill the hostile one all the other attack. If I go stealth I see there is no Jalantha to be found there.

I have a save from just prior to speaking to Tanya about the boy's body but that's 5 game days ago and I don't want to do all this again. I checked another save two days after speaking to Tanya and the situation at the Water temple is the same as now: one hostile priestess, some other normal ones and no Jalanther.

How can I fix this?


  • BalquoBalquo Member, Developer Posts: 2,746
    edited August 2013
    Seems a bit strange. In any case, go ahead an kill all the priestesses and return to Lothander and see what he says.

  • GregorovitchGregorovitch Member Posts: 5
    yeah, the dialog ran "Might not be able to get your gees cure...had a previous encounter at temple etc" and Lothander goes "I'm stuffed - have my half of the potion anyway.. go see Marek at the Mermaid etc" and he dropped the potion and a protection +1 armulet and split.

    I am certain i didn't touch Jolantha or any of her acolytes previously (I don't kill anything unless they attack me first or there is no reasonable alternative). As i say there were four priestesses left at the temple and only one went hostile on entry. Strange as you say, other problems with this quest posted over the years have been about different issues.

    Is that potion all I need, then, apart from getting the other half off Marek? (long time since I did this before, can't remember)

  • GregorovitchGregorovitch Member Posts: 5
    I've just checked from the previous save and it goes like this:

    You speak to Tanya about the boys body and you get three options 1) is taking umbrage at her rudeness but just asking for the body, 2) is asking for payment for helping her previously, and 3) is appeasing her and asking very nicely for the body.

    If you choose 1) she gives you the body tells you to leave and not come back. If you leave the building and re-enter immediately nothing is changes, you can ask a priestess to summon Jolantha and she comes.

    Haven't tried 2).

    If you choose 3) she also gives you the body but tells you to "LEAVE!" in stronger terms. If you leave the building and immediately re-enter then one of the priestesses is hostile and although you can talk to the others you do not get the option to ask to see Jolantha - the situation I reported above.

    That is obviously the option I chose (so nice me, even to toerags) and I don't know if the result is WAD but I can tell you I can't see any reason for it and it doesn't feel right.

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