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More than 6 characters party ?

PalanthisPalanthis Member Posts: 283
Well, the title says it all.
I don't think a mod ever permitted to add more than 5 NPC to your PC's group.
Is there any way to do this ? I'd love to have a 7 or even 8 NPC party... especially in BG1 where there are so many NPC choices...


  • horredtheplaguehorredtheplague Member, Developer Posts: 183
    A simple answer for a simple question: no.

    Details:this is nothing a mod could handle, as the party size-max is deeply hardcoded in the engine. In numerous ways, from scripting to conversational to visual. You could have more following you, but they will be a follower at best--no picture in the side menu, no appearance in other character menus, nada. Even these require a lot of extra scripting to run--an example of what's permitted would be the wolf follower that I helped script for Tortured Souls.

  • PalanthisPalanthis Member Posts: 283
    Well, ok, i thought so but wanted to be sure. Thanks for the answer.

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