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Reputation tweak for evil characters/team?

Hi all,

I'm a big fan of flawed heroes and anti-heroes, I find their characters quite interesting and in some cases a bit more realistic , as many folk nowadays would probably fit into the lawful evil alignment etc (Own gains and prospects first etc)

However, one thing that has always annoyed me is the reputation system and how playing 'evil' guys makes it annoying to complete quests etc as you have to act like a complete ass hole, if you want your group to stay happy, and not just an anti-hero who still does the right things at the end of the day but isn't a goody goody.

Therefore are there any mods that sort this out for the rep system? e.g Evil people are happy with a higher rep or alternatively do not leave or moan?

I tried one before a while back but it didnt seem to work as it was designed for old BG



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