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help installing ascension

doggydoggy Member Posts: 313
Being a computer illiterate I have not been able to install it correct. Does any of you have a link with a guide for installing ascension mod?

I have tried google but with poor results but am still convinced I need to try the mod before ee comes out.

Thanks in advance.


  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    The installation instructions are included with the reamdme for Ascension. It is inside the folder named 'Ascension'.

    Section II. Installation
    BGII with the Throne of Bhaal expansion is required. Ascension/WeiDU should
    install correctly over any other mods (cross fingers). In particular, it
    will work fine for the other common WeiDU mods (e.g., the Solaufein
    Romance, the Kelsey Romance, the Tashia Romance, the Thief Stronghold). See
    the webpage for details.

    Extract the main archive into your BGII main directory. This is normally:
    C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\

    Run (click on) "Setup-Ascension.exe".

    First, pick your favorite language. Currently American English, German,
    French, Spanish, Chinese and Polish are available. Note that the
    language you pick does *not* have to be the same language as your main BGII

    Then choose which components you would like to install. You may always
    uninstall them later by re-running "Setup-Ascension.exe".

    You do *not* need to start a new game to take advantage of anything you
    installed. However, Ascension works best if you start with a saved game
    *before* you have confronted Balthazar. It doesn't really make sense to
    load up a pre-ascension saved game in which you have already fought
    Balthazar: you're missing half the fun.

    *** ADDITIONAL WARNING! The mod involves changes to the battles in the
    *** last chapter of Throne of Bhaal that often have many more enemies and
    *** spell effects going off on-screen than are found normally in the
    *** official release of the expansion. Even if your computer conforms to
    *** the min specs for ToB, it MAY NOT be enough to run the Ascension. Min
    *** spec machines may chug severely or even crash when too much is
    *** occurring on-screen. There is nothing I can do about this. Use your
    *** own judgment.

    And the Wes Weimer homepage that has the WeiDU Ascension

  • doggydoggy Member Posts: 313
    Great. Thanks I will try that

  • kiryamokiryamo Member Posts: 12
    Will this mod work with BG2:EE, or we'll wait until it is reprogramed especifically? Will it happen?

  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    kiryamo said:

    Will this mod work with BG2:EE, or we'll wait until it is reprogramed especifically? Will it happen?


    You will find the answer here.

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