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Enemy Adventurers: A mod request

TomeTome Member Posts: 466
One of my favourite mods is the BG2 Thief overhaul, simply because of the Chosen Of Cyric rival team encounter. Similarly, I've always loved the counterpoint the Linear Guild and Tarquin's Team present to the Order of the Stick.

I would absolutely adore a mod that added something similar to the BG series, whether it be a mod simply adding a few more adventuring parties with various motivations to maps around the game or a single recurring threat that hounds the player (a Cyricspawn might be a good one for example).

I have a few concepts and am willing to write scripts for such a mod, but despite putting a good deal of time into learning BG modding, I'm certain that I'm not capable of making it myself. I appreciate that my situation (relative modding noob makes a mod request but is only able to contribute writing) is hardly uncommon, but nonetheless I felt it was worth the post, just in case the idea gathers momentum. Thanks for reading my request, if you have any questions/insults feel free to ask for clarification! :D

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