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Bought my copy through Steam. Do I need to repurchase for iPad?

The title pretty much says it all. I bought it on sale through Steam for $5, I haven't delved into the Beamdog account stuff yet. From what I can tell, Steam has taken over the hosting for this game (and has no actual support, eg cloud support, multiplayer) So I don't know if I just need to make an account somewhere, or buy it for my iPad all over again... which would be unfortunate.


  • EntropyXIIEntropyXII Member Posts: 656
    As far as I know - yes, you need to buy it again.

    It is a game that can be played on different platforms. If you buy 'Dragon Age: Origins' for the PC it does not automatically give you a free copy of 'Dragon Age: Origins' for the Xbox 360.

  • SkoojooSkoojoo Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the information. I guess that is a good way to look at it. Didn't really think of it that way.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    @Skoojoo: Each copy of the game is a different purchase: Windows is separate from Mac is separate from iPad will be separate from Android. For each version of the game you will need to pay the license/download fee...and any applicable DLC Costs as well (DLC costs are built into the Windows and MAC versions of the game but the iPad version has a DLC cost for extra content...I assume they'll do the same thing for the Android as well.

    Buying the DLC for the iPad will not entitle you to the DLC for the Android version either.

    As a clarification on your original post:

    Steam is a DIFFERENT distribution path for the same game. Actually, according to what I've heard, the Steam distribution path provides less money to BeamDog/'s a different channel and thus different amounts of the dollar go to different parties. Don't quote me on this as I am NOT an authoritative source for this info...other than having done some research during the earlier "legal hiatus".

    Steam has NOT taken over the hosting of the game, you can still purchase it through BeamDog and their distribution client...and no, steam has no support for the game...they are simply a distribution channel, not the publisher or maintainer. It's akin to going down to your local GameStop and buying Skyrim.

    Hope this helps answer some of the questions! :)

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