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Trouble at cleric/mage character selection and spells

lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,338
I have a cleric 5 dualled into a mage on my Ipad, and now he is lvl 7 as a mage, he has a lot of spells to prepare with ring of wizardry.

Trouble is, when my character has all of his spells ready, (in other words, just rested) when I select him by tapping on his portrait to the right, there is a very slight lag. And most of the times, the tap, however brief, registers as a long tap (due to lag) and opens up inventory screen.

When I try to cast a spell, I tap on a quick spell slot with magic missile, it registers as a long tap due to lag (I think) and goes to full memorised spell list to change that quick slot. Othertimes, when I choose a spell to cast from list, it just does not select the spell and it gets frustrating. Everytime I want to choose my character it opens up inventory, and choosing spells to cast becomes impossible.

This problem started up recently when my inactive cleric class was activated again at mage lvl 6. Before that there was no such trouble.

My idea is, for some reason if my character has a lot of cleric spells memorised with mage spells, this problem occurs. Especially if he has the same spell prepared more than once. I tested this throughly. If I have two or three cure light wounds spells prepared, this problem occurs. If I only have one cure light wounds memorised, there is no such problem. If I unmemorise all of my cleric spells, or only have one or two cleric spell, there is no lag or trouble. If I have too many cleric spells memorised this problem happens all the time.

Can someone try to confirm this by creating a similiar character? I am curious why this happens and if it is only due to my game being modded on Ipad or is this an Ipad bug?


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