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Biffing your mods for better performance

nsrnsr Member Posts: 174
In preparation for the new patch, I made sure I could re-install and re-biff all my mods, since I'd previously succeeded via trial-and-error and wanted to make sure to avoid all the errors when the patch arrives. In case this is useful to anyone else, I've added my steps below.

I found that installing mods on the iPad can lead to poor performance, and some gameplay issues. Specifically, I found that sometimes single-tapping on a characters portrait can bring up the inventory screen (instead of just selecting the portrait) and that clicking on a spell can sometimes not work. After biffing all the mod files, I found that performance improved dramatically, and the issues were gone.

I assume that anyone who wants to use this is familiar with modding BGEE on a jailbroken iPad, and has a copy of the modded files on a computer.
1. Backup everything (especially: data folder, chitin.key file)
2. Download the generalized biffing mod (
3. Apply the biffing mod on your modded copy of BGEE.
4. Open chitin.key using a text editor (like and do a find replace of the following: "DATA\" becomes "data/"
5. Using an iPad file browser (like copy the "data" folder and the "chitin.key" file to the appropriate locations in the Baldur's Gate app.
6. If BG is running on the iPad, make sure to force-quit it first to see the effects.

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