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Demi-lich tweak

ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
edited October 2013 in Feature Requests
Change their imprisonment spam to Devour the Soul (9th level. Necro/Conjur).

Target must save at -8 or be instantly chunked. If the target saves they are drained of 2 levels. If the spell successfully kills a character the Demi-lich instantly recovers 1hp per HD of the slain creature.

Death Ward can block the effect but is dispelled instantly by doing so.

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  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    Why would they change this? Unless you got a death ward in your party you won't be able to fight him. And even if you do if he can spam it like imprisonment then you won't be able to put a new death ward up in time and you'll get chunked.

    Would a protection from magic make you immune to Devuor the soul?

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited October 2013
    And why would that be? If you don't have some means to block Imprisonment (most of which shouldn't work vs imprisonment anyway) you also can't fight him currently.

    Devour the soul (Necromancy/Conjuration) allows a saving throw, if a very difficult one, to avoid the effect. Imprisonment does not.

    Devour the soul is an 9th level spell and could be blocked by PfM, an anti-magic field/shell, or spell trap/shield of archons, it's also an instant death effect so Death Ward blocks it (but due to the power of the effect consumes the buff instantly).

    It would basically take the Demi-lich from being a pure cheese fight, to a REALLY damn difficult but much less cheesy fight, since you at least have a chance to avoid the effect, if you load up on save bonuses.

    And actually accurate.

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    edited October 2013
    1.) Spell Immunity will protect you from Imprisonment for the whole duration of the spell. Devour the soul would remove Death ward, and you'll be killed a second afterwards.

    2.) You would still end up using a Protection from Magic scroll and it'll be just as cheesy as the original fight with Imprisonment. You're just removing the most important protection from the arcane casters, and adding a very shitty protection for the divine casters that will only last for 2 seconds and then you're dead and gone.

    3.) Hindo's doom +4 would make you immune to Devour the soul.

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited October 2013 Spell Immunity doesn't work vs conjuration or to me.

    2. Opportunity costs....there's only 2 in the whole game and lots of mage fights.

    3. So allowing a difficult save is much worse then no save at all, I'll have to remember that one next time.

    Why can you apparently not see that having a save instantly makes Devour the soul MUCH weaker then the current imprisonment set-up.

    This is overall a net-nerf to the Demi-lich that makes it not only much more PnP accurate, it makes it easier for people who aren't packing a bunch of cheese spells and abilities to actually stand a chance at killing it.

    And if my suggestion for Spell Immunity goes through, they'll need other options anyway. The spell is already broken as implemented, and needs to be removed, tweaked, and given to clerics where it belongs.

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    1.) I don't know anything about Devour the soul, so wouldn't know if you can get spell immunity to work for it.

    2.) You only need 1 protection from magic scroll (Kangaxx) and the other liches you can use protection from Undead to fight, and there are 10+ protection from undead scrolls.

    3.) I'm sorry but i only play no-reload so it's a moot point for me.

    I would prefer if they were made into a mage instead of having one overpowered ability. Remove imprisonment from them and don't add Devour the soul. Just make them high level mages with some extra neat abilities.

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited October 2013
    That last point I kind of agree on. Kangaxx acts like a mere Demi-lich (lost their consciousness and is just a berserk floating skull spamming instant death stuff), where as he is clearly an Awakened Demi-lich and should retain all his spell-casting power AND the ability to utterly mop the floor with the party no matter what buffs they bring, short of dropping an anti-magic field on top of the room, or spamming Shatter (mentioned in my new Alteration spells request) on him.

    Not to mention he's missing his ability to send people flying across the room with Telekinesis in between trying to steal souls.

  • marcialhdmarcialhd Member Posts: 53
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