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Lost Time - Seeking Programmer

rathlordrathlord Member Posts: 171
edited October 2013 in Off-Topic
Heya guys,

I've got a project that's been at the back of my mind for a while now and I finally decided to poke around and see how hard it would be to make it happen. I'll start with the short version and move on to the long version.

I'm looking for a coder for a top-down 3D stealth game. Must be:
*At least 21
*Experienced with a portable game engine or code (Unity is preferable)
*Willing to start as a hobby that won't pay until the first builds go up
*English speaking

*Some verifiable experience (not necessarily professional)
*Something they can show that they've created or helped create in the past
*Interested in being part of the creative process, from coming up with game mechanics to helping with the story. I'm looking for someone who wants to go in this not as a subordinate but as an equal.

So that's the short of what I'm looking for. Want to hear more before you sign on, or just interested in my concept? Want to help in another way? Read on:

The Concept

I'm not going to go into the full details of the game concept to keep the overall idea safe from early imitation/stealing, but I'll go into the basics.

As far as the mechanics go, it will be a top-down 3D game. It will need to dynamically track light, movement, sound, and smell. There will be a variety of classes the player can chose, but all will be stealth based in some way or another. There will be combat, but directly confronting enemies in a fair fight will never be a viable option.

Each player will approach things differently: you could go through killing anyone in your way, move through like a whisper in the night, hack everything in sight, use alchemy or magic, or be a damn ninja (literally).

The story is about two things: time travel, and stealing. I want to share more information but I really shouldn't. If you're interested in becoming part of the team, contact me and I can share more details.

The Gameplan

I'm a very organized person, which is something important I bring to a team. I see so many indie gaming developers that struggle because while they're excellent developers and have a great vision for their game, they aren't necessarily good at organizing and planning on the way to get there. I am.

Demo- The first thing we work on is a functional demo. It gets the basics of the engine working (lighting, sound, etc.). One playable class. One or two maps. Placeholder graphics and sound in all likelihood. It's something to show people and give people; it's proof of our dedication and it's a starting block. I won't move into the next phase of the plan unless we have a solid foundation.

Kickstarter- Everyone's doing Kickstarter these days, huh? That's because it works. We won't be going in with a concept, though- we'll be going in with a playable game, something that people can see and have faith in. With this phase comes a heavy publicity push. Kickstarter gets us funded to move into our next phase.

Alpha- Kickstarter backers will have access to these builds from the start, and after the Kickstarter ends the game goes on sale for a reduced price. Depending on how well the Kickstarter goes, we pick up an artist and someone to do audio. People start getting paid for their time. If by some fluke we hit it off big, we start working full time on it. During this phase we focus on getting all system mechanics fully functional.

Beta- Once the mechanics are all in place, we expand. The price of the game goes up and we push for Steam Greenlight (if we haven't already). We fill out the other classes, put the full story in the game, and get ready for a content lock. When we have everything in the game we want to, we have a content lock and bug fix until release.

Release- The game goes to full price. If we decide to, we keep releasing extra content. We consider moving to a new project, or working on an expansion (or sequel).

Who I'm Looking For

In addition to the things I listed at the beginning, there's a few other things I wanted to mention.

I'm not looking for someone to be my code slave who just does what I command while I sit back and have a beer. I'm looking for someone who's as tired of not having creative control as I am. This project is something that everyone involved will share as equals.

I need someone who is motivated. If you want in on this, you're in for the long haul. I can't have someone who doesn't take it seriously and flakes out halfway through the project.

I will also need an artist and someone to do music and audio. I won't be confirming anyone to the team for this until after a coder is on board, but if you're interested please let me know and I might have you do some example work for me.

I've left a few specifics out on purpose like plot and payment. If you want further details on that, get with me in private and we'll discuss it. I'm Drake Barron on Skype, @Rathlord on Twitter, Rathshock on Steam, or you can reply here. I'm most likely to check Skype or Twitter.

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