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[bug][v1.0.2014] Sound issues (from old BG and new)

ArchmageArchmage Member Posts: 31
Problem with hardware sound acceleration was described on this forum in november 2012, but it still exists. As was described - you have to lower hardware sound acceleration to 2nd position of the slider in dxdiag menu.
Also, there is another problem - with intro video (both bg's and black pit's; haven't played the game yet(was shocked with bugs, game's just raw, unpolished :(), but most likely it's in every cutscene out there), with death cinematics video. Problem is, sound is very choppy in those cutscenes, and slider in dxdiag menu doesn't help, no matter what level of hw-acceleration i choose. Installation of OpenAL drivers was of no help.
I'm using integrated motherboard sound. Ask me, if you need specific details.

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