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Druid scaling

BubbleboyBubbleboy Member Posts: 68
On the "can't be done list" it doesn't say anything about class balance not possible, so i would like to request a change for the Druid.

I find it silly that there is little to no reason to take a Druid in to your party over a Cleric, simply because the Cleric can tank monsters remarkably good, with their full plate and tower shield allowing them to act as a meat shield to weaker classes like wizards or rogues while still be able to cast spells just fine.

Surprisingly Druids need to sacrifice the spellcasting to turn in to melee monster that actually loses damage and armor at higher gear levels makes no sense.
Sure the Druid has some spells that Clerics don't, but are they so much better than the healing and buffing a Cleric can provide?
Not in my book.

Please make the druid forms scale with level/gear so that they can actually measure up to some other classes in usefulness at later levels.

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