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Possible Interface Option?

HogfatherHogfather Member Posts: 20
edited October 2013 in Feature Requests
Love the work you're doing with the new minimal UI, it really feels like a new game now compared to the original.

I'm not sure how hard this is to do, or if its already been suggested, or its possible with mods, but this is my suggestion anyway!


Basically I'd like an option for the text box to be hidden like in the below viewport when I'm not paused, and show it when I hit pause like in the top portion. I know you can contract and expand the text box but I find the information in it to be useful paused during combat (ie large text box) so I find I'm adjusting the box a lot during combat and the real world where I like to be able to enjoy the game's iso art on a big screen at high rez!

The number of times I want to see the actual chatbox while walking around is minimal, and I can always tap space and pause to see the full UI and lots of text without needing to use the mouse, which I would personally find to be a better UX. The NPC interaction windows, trade etc should ofc work exactly the way they do now.

Thanks for all your work in the game and I hope this might maybe help :)

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